Infinite Mobility

Infinite Mobility


Wolfgang Lehrner´s work explores the ideology of traveling, the quest for pure, authentic and unique discovery. In times of a world without distance and discretion such as captivity and privation the dream of absolute freedom and substance regains importance. At this point traveling and global migration intersect – choice and necessity concur uncannily.

The image of a time-worn parking van – the legendary first VW California or the hippie movement returns to mind – could be a matter of even elected existence or inevitable impasse, a vehicle of endless freedom or shattered dreams.

Infinite Mobility mediate the outcome of dreams and questions their implications. The French values – liberty, equality, fraternity – can easily turn into fragments and encounter resistance. Liberty end up at borders, equality meets uniformity and fraternity doesn’t go along well with the strong desire of individuality.

Furthermore the freedom on four wheels has to cope with drawbacks in real terms. Indeed, the freedom to roam is a general public‘s right to access certain public or privately owned land for recreation and exercise in almost every country. However camping is not, and may only be practised with the land owner‘s permission. The way of traveling in the sense to explore the very unknown crosses the same roads immigrants have to go, to survive – just in diametral direction.

Dajana Dorfmayr, 2015