Living the International Style


Living the International Style is an approach to the ambivalence encountered in modernity.

“International Style” refers to a drive in classic modernist architecture, which originated in Europe in 1922 and would later be found throughout the world. The term was initially used as a title for a 1932-exhibition at MoMA and for the successive publication The International Style: Architecture since 1922, and it describes an internationalized form of architecture de-contextualized from the locale.

Such a clarity-oriented realignment for man simultaneously implies gain and loss. The dichotomy of modernity’s achievements lies at the heart of this discrete exploration. The works of this series can be ascribed to the 3 aspects LIVING / INTERNATIONAL / STYLE and aim at grasping the moment of transition. A continuous tightrope ride along the small boundary between freedom and uprooting, mass and individual, openness and translucency.

In the sense of this border-crossing, the Haus Wittgenstein (built 1925-1928 by L. Wittgenstein in cooperation with P. Engelmann) is, to say the least, exemplary. Its aesthetics are simple and sublime, colossal and weightless, translucent and hermetic, pure and elaborate. Wittgenstein’s philosophical and architectural project of isolating the “Speakable from the Ineffable”.

Dajana Dorfmayr, 2015


Living the International Style 1, Inkjet-print, 150 x 100 cm, 2014

Living the International Style 2, Inkjet-print, 150 x 100 cm, 2014

Constructed Site, 41 Sec. (Loop), Paris, France, 2014

Outshined, 37 Sec. (Loop), Home for the Aged, Austria, 2008

Pay per View, 42 Sec. (Loop), Vienna, Austria, 2009


Out the Window (Villa Tugendhat), 62 Sec. (Loop), Brno, Czech Republic, 2013

Out the Window (Villa Savoye), 30 Sec. (Loop), Poissy, France, 2014


World City / Grand Paris, 1 Channel Video Installation, Paris, France, 2014


Curtain Walls 1, 80/28/204, Mixed Media, 2015

Curtain Walls 2, 80/28/204, Mixed Media, 2015

Material Truth 1,2,3, Inkjet-print, 90 x 60 cm, 2015

Curated by Cornelis van Almsick
Guided tour by Jan Tabor
Artist talk with Jade Niklai, Cornelis van Almsick & Wolfgang Lehrner