0° 00′ 00″

To walk along the entire prime meridian from north to south London, with a sense of being in the right place at the right time for once. Precise coordinates, exact implementation. A total of 50 kilometres – inside the M25 orbital – along the reference line that is impressed on the world. City limit, green belt, suburbia, industrial and residential buildings, close-up and distant view, people – at least one or two. A drawn line that divides the world into east and west. Completely interchangeable and yet unique.

LONDON between the M25
on 0°00’00’’ 

51°40'51"N  0°00'11"E

51°40'35"N  0°00'05"W

51°40'28"N  0°00'02"W

51°40'19"N  0°00'01"E

51°38'47"N  0°00'01"W

51°38'33"N  0°00'02"W

51°38'19"N  0°00'06"E

51°37'03"N  0°00'02"E

51°32'39"N  0°00'01"W

51°32'41"N  0°00'01"W

51°32'41"N  0°00'01"E

51°32'37"N  0°00'00"W

51°32'34"N  0°00'00"E

51°32'23"N  0°00'00"E

51°32'15"N  0°00'01"E

51°31'52"N  0°00'00"W

51°31'50"N  0°00'04"E

51°31'55"N  0°00'00"E

51°30'35"N  0°00'00"W

51°30'06"N  0°00'00"E

51°29'52"N  0°00'00"W

51°29'47"N  0°00'08"E

51°29'47"N  0°00'04"W

51°29'45"N  0°00'02"W

51°28'40"N  0°00'00"E

51°28'37"N  0°00'00"E

51°28'12"N  0°00'00"E

51°27'31"N  0°00'01"E

51°27'21"N  0°00'00"E

51°27'18"N  0°00'02"W

51°27'16"N  0°00'12"W

51°22'12"N  0°00'01"E

51°21'15"N  0°00'24"E

51°20'04"N  0°00'12"E

51°19'44"N   0°00'08"E

51°19'15"N  0°00'22"W

51°18'55"N  0°00'19"W

51°18'46"N  0°00'11"W

51°16'57"N  0°00'01"W

51°16'34"N  0°00'11"E

51°16'27"N  0°00'01"E