The Standard City

A walk around the world capital. That means starting at 0°. Which is the meridian used to help find your location. Useful for the vast majority of people around the globe. Zero is also a major motive. With regard to maximisation. Straightforward, as the global banker recommends. Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo and NYC – all in line. That means coexistence. World-time begins with the right timing. Strolling around a cosmopolitan city, or rather a global village, is like circumnavigating the entire globe. In orbit – for all eternity, or soon perhaps only in our memory? Today, the metropolis has a case, with its nation, and that case is autonomy. Anyone who wants to stay on course should check their coordinates first. Along the plumb-line that once defined the world. A large island or now just a little oasis?

Text: Dajana DorfmayR