The observation and visualization of local determined characteristics of cities, the spaces between them, and the resulting global transformability run through Wolfgang Lehrner’s works. Cosmopolitan in his investigations, the artist responds to the change and the importance of seemingly insignificant similarities, as well as the opposition of urban areas, cities and their networking in the cultural, socio-economic, historical and metaphysical sense. In his way of working Lehrner consciously uses coincidence to determine the direction of aimless drifting, headed by the respective routes, squares, streets and places. The resulting cinematic portraits of everyday urban life are essentially results of the search for the particular.




Studio Lehrner
Leopoldsgasse 16/26, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Zeller van Almsick



A Tale of Two Cities, Dr. Lisa Moravec, Zeller van Almsick, 2023
Followers, Lorena Moreno Vera, 2022 (english / español)
Divide by the Sea, Connected by the Ocean, Walter Seidl, Videocity, Basel, 2021 (english / deutsch)
Medineo - The Series, Lorena Moreno Vera, 2021
Losing London, Jade Niklai, Zeller van Almsick, 2019

Medineo, Camera Austria International 148, 2019

Tales yet untold, Mladen Banjac, Museum of Cont. Art RS, BiH, 2019

The Critical City, Marcus Steinweg, 2016 (english / deutsch)
Welt / Raum, Roland Schöny, Galerie Rauminhalt, 2015 (english / deutsch)
Leaving for Another City, Cornelis van Almsick, VIE CEE, 2014
CEE: Fact or Fiction?, Jade Niklai, VIE CEE, 2014
Here, There, and Everywhere…, Lisa Mazza, London, 2012
Discriminating, Achim Wollscheid, Frankfurt a.M., 2010 (english / deutsch)
Receiving the World, Claudia Ehgartner, Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg, 2008

Too Smart City, Goethe Institute, Singapore, 2021
Wolfgang Lehrner, Tique, 2020
Pfade durch Megalopolis, Christa Benza, Der Standard, 2017
"Belgrade is the new Berlin and Vienna is just in-between", K. Kulakova, 2014


City Without Qualities, Cultural Center Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2023
A Tale of Two Cities (together with Giovanna Silva), Zeller van Almsick, 2023
World/City, Museum of Contemporary Art of RS, Banja Luka, BiH, 2019
Losing London (together with Beat Streuli), Zeller van Almsick, 2019
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Metro/Polis, Space Place, Nischni Tagil, Russia, 2016
Welt/Raum, Galerie Rauminhalt, Vienna Art Week 2015
Living the International Style, Cornelis van Almsick Satellite, Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna, 2015
VIE CEE, Cornelis van Almsick Satellite, FJK 3 / Bawag Contemporary, Vienna, 2013
Bird Watching, Gallery Ausstellungsstrasse, Vienna, Austria, 2010
Between Germany and Italy and Anywhere Else , MKL/Kunsthaus Graz, Austria, 2009
Imagenes en Movimiento, Museo de Arte Tlaxcala, Mexico, 2005


Brigitte Kowanz ETC, Parallel, Vienna, 2022
Slide Show: Rethinking Nature, FOTO WIEN, 2022
Loneliness, Videocity, Geneva, 2022
Loneliness, Videocity, Tehuantepec, Oaxaca , Mexico, 2021
Slide Show: Rethinking Nature, Mois européen de la photographie Luxembourg, Casino Luxembourg, 2021
Slide Show: Rethinking Nature, IMAGO Lisboa, Carpintarias de São Lázaro, 2021
Loneliness, Videocity, Basel, 2021
Parallel Editions, Semperdepot, Vienna, 2021
AA, Art AthinaVirtual, 2020

Vienna Biennale, MAK, Vienna, 2019
Ciudad sin Nombre – Book Presentation & Screening, Alumnos47, Mexico City, 2018

Solipsism Revisited – Counter Strategies, Kubatur des Kabinetts, fluc, Vienna, 2017
Salon TEA, Mexico City, 2017
An Ideal City that Complicates the Real One, Espectro Electromagnético, Mexico City, 2017
lightness and matter matter and lightness, Kunstraum NÖ, Vienna, 2017
AWAY - Stories from abroad, Vienna, 2016
The High Wire Act, Cornelis van Almsick Satellite, Vienna, 2016
Here, There and Everywhere: Eurasian Cities, ACC Creation, Gwangju, Republic of Korea, 2015
Parallel Vienna, Artist Statement, Vienna, 2015
Chasing Max Mustermann, Designhalle, Graz, 2015
After the End of History, on site / Peresvetov Gallery, Moscow, 2015
Time is Love, Expressive Arts Institute, San Diego, USA, 2015
Relating to…, Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz, Austria, 2014
Alles in Ordnung, Filmhauskino Köln, Cologne, Germany, 2014
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A Convenient Death, Vacant Galleries, Vienna, Austria, 2012
Hardly Anything, Vacant Galleries, Vienna, Austria, 2012
Form Life, Gallery Ausstellungsstrasse, Vienna, Austria, 2011
Eleventh Hour, FUTURA – Center for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011
Well, Being In The Loop Gets You Ahead, Glockengasse 9, Vienna, Austria, 2011
Artist Film and Video Salon, Wirksworth Festival, Wirksworth, Great Britain, 2011
Alchemy Filmfestival, Hawick, Scottish Borders, Great Britain, 2011
One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau, Aarau, Switzerland, 2011
Stock Exchange, Dreieck Studio, Vienna, Austria, 2011
London Marx Ozean, Gallery Ausstellungsstrasse, Vienna, Austria, 2011
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Trial & Error, The Lust Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2010
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Jennyfair, Vienna, Austria, 2010
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Ahead of the Times, The Essence, MAK, Vienna, Austria, 2007
Projektionen III, project space – Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria, 2007
Gegenwartskunst in die Regierung, MAK, Vienna, Austria, 2006
Human Color Code, Open House, Angewandte, Vienna, Austria, 2006
B/volution, Kulturzentrum Güssing, Austria, 2005
fusión, Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua, 2004


Eurolab, together with Wolfgang Tillmans and Rem Koolhaas, Forum on European Culture, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2018


Lucifer over London
, Book project with Humboldt Books
, Presentation at Urbino e le Citta  del Libro, 2018

Eurasian Gondolas, Peak2032, Future Lab, Mayrhofen, Austria, 2012
switch, Contemporary visual art in a public context, Nenagh and Bangor, Irland, 2010
Eurasian Gondolas, University of Applied Arts, Stubenring 3, Vienna, Austria, 2009
Cubo de Luz, Granada, Nicaragua, 2004

Eurasian Gondolas – Connecting Continents, Eurasia, since 2009


Lucifer over London, Influx Press, London, 2020

Lucifer over London, Humboldt Books, Milan, 2018
Ciudad sin Nombre, Gato Negro, Mexico City, 2018

METRO / POLIS, Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna 2017
VIE CEE, Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna, 2014
The Souvenir of a Stranger, Quart 21, Haymon Verlag, 2013
Eurasian Gondolas – Booklet, Create32, Future Lab, 2012
One of a Million – A Million of One, Vienna – Barcelona, 2010


Artist in Residence, London, United Kingdom, 2017
Artist in Residence, Mexico City, Mexico, 2017
artmagazine award @ PARALLEL, Vienna, 2014
Artist in Residence, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, 2014
Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Scholarship, 2010/2011
Art Purchase, City of Vienna, 2010
Artist in Residence, Paliano, Italy, 2010
Emanuel & Sofie Fohn Scholarship, 2010
Winner of the Henkel Art Award Austria, 2009
Anni & Heinrich Sussmann Scholarship, 2009
International Scholarship, University of Applied Arts, 2009
Land Burgenland Scholarship, 2009
Ursula Blickle Videolounge, Nomination, 2008
1st Price Short Film Competition, Digital and Transmedia Art Department
University of Applied Arts Vienna, 2007